Our Alteration Services

  • 21 August 2017
  • Author: Scarlett
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Our Alteration Services

As well as our bespoke tailoring service, we also offer an alteration service from our shop in Catterick Garrison.

So, whether you need last minute alterations to a dress ahead of a mess function or you are in full swing of summer wedding season and need your outfit perfecting, our seamstress can help!

We regularly alter clothing of all sorts for a variety of events and occasions. Just last summer we altered 3 bridesmaid dresses just three days before the wedding date. The reason for the short timescale was that all the bridesmaids lived throughout the country and one was even living in China! Happily, we were able to alter all three dresses in more than enough time resulting in three gorgeous bridesmaids and one very relived bride!

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